Nuke Codex: Nodes within Nodes takes my passion for teaching and 25+ years of experience in the industry and combines them into a dynamic book that will help you learn this deep software quickly and get you up and running using it in a few days.

Now is the time to take action.  If you ever wanted to learn compositing or want to pivot from your current role, this is an incredible time of growing opportunities.  When production resumes, we are going to be inundated with a tsunami of VFX work.  The new social distancing norms have created new creative ways of thinking about how we tell our stories.  Fresh content has never been in such high demand and the demand for artists will be larger than ever.

Now is the time to learn new skills and get ready for the next great thing.

There are 10 chapters in this book and each one is designed to build your skills up from a base level. These are fundamental foundations of compositing and how NUKE is different. I will take you through step by step, not to teach a simple tutorial, but to build the core concepts and ability to problem solve.

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Pages are laid out with beautiful graphics and are clearly labeled with important to know information. The text takes you through the core concept of the fundamental while each major concept has a blue button that links you to a high quality video that explains the concept using NUKE.  There are also PRO TIPS outlined in a green box and BE CAREFULL! alerts in black and red boxes.

Throughout the text in the PDF version you can click on chapter titles to instantly go to that page and other interactive features.

This book is designed to teach multiple levels of skills from beginner student to seasoned pro.   I always operate under the philosophy that there is always something to learn.   No matter how much you know, you can always brush up on skills that have been dusty.  For people who love the written word this book is a reference manual for the core skills.  For those who need to see, there are videos that take you through the skills. Finally for those who need to do, there are practice exercises that once completed, you will get professional critiques and help with our private forums.

Reserve Nodes within Nodes today!  The PDF version features 164 pages of NUKE educational goodness, 13+hours of video training, and exclusive access to our forums for feedback and be part of a learning community.

NUKE CODEX: Nodes within Nodes

The long awaited definitive book on learning NUKE compositing is here.